Apartmani Adriana

Veli Losinj

Veli Lošinj is situated in a narrow bay on the south-east side of the island of Lošinj under the foothills od Mount Saint. John. Tall houses, in the first row around the harbor, and numerous villas with beautiful gardens, are the main features of this beautiful town, which with its thousand inhabitants is the second largest village on the island. It is interesting to note that once Veli Lošinj was bigger than Mali Lošinj, but as Mali Lošinj evolved faster into a larger town today the situation is reversed.In the narrow streets of Veli Lošinj, glimpses through the many gates reveal the beautiful villas and gardens of the former captains, ship owners and wealthy gentlemen that prospered here. Within the gardens of these villas are 80 different species of plants from around the world. Whilst in the park in front of Veli Lošinj’s cure house, a former residence of Archduke Karl Stephan Von Hapsburg, there are more than two hundred botanical varieties. Along the cost near Veli Lošinj there is the small fishing harbor of Rovenska, which captures the attention thanks to its beautiful beach, fshing tradition, as well asthe local people who have dedocated their lives to the sea in direct contact with nature.